Gillian R. Overing

Gillian R. Overing (PhD) is Professor of English and previously co-directed Medieval Studies at Wake Forest University.

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Ulrike Wiethaus

Ulrike Wiethaus (PhD) holds a joint appointment as Professor in the Department for the Study of Religions and the American Ethnic Studies Program at Wake Forest University.

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Gillian R. Overing, Ulrike Wiethaus (Hg.)


Nature and Mind in Cultural Transfer

1. Auflage 2016
237 Seiten mit 8 Abbildungen gebunden
ISBN 978-3-8471-0625-8
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45,00 €
PDF eBook 37,99 € KAUFEN

This volume offers a dialogue with and through the medieval informed by cultural categories of performativity and simultaneity in on-line media, architecture, film, poetry, and social formations. The articles depart from Medievalism Studies and attempt to answer questions such as: How do medievalists, artists, writers, and entertainment industries communicate, replicate, and evoke medieval formations? How do national and transnational discursive fields relate to understandings of the medieval in its many unstable states? Where are the communal memory sites and what functions do they serve for those who are associated with them? Where are the medieval disjunctions and conjunctions of race, ethnicity and time in a settler society? And what do place, nature, and landscape have to do with it?

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