European Journal of Developmental Science

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European Journal of Developmental Science

ISSN 1863-3811

The journal is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of human development.

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Individual human development is influenced by a multitude of systems, ranging from cultural processes, genetic and physiological incidents up to social interactions. How do these systems cooperate and interact during the course of human development? One of the main goals of Developmental Science is finding an answer to this question.

Since it exceeds the means of researchers from individual scientific disciplines to investigate the simultaneous biopsychosocial changes of systems and how they jointly contribute to the social and adaptive functions of human individuals, a new scientific approach is necessary that links the various traditional scientific disciplines under a biopsychosocial approach to describe individual human development: Developmental Science.

Developmental Science combines concepts and insights from scientific disciplines which hitherto used to independently tackle the research of human and non-human development. As an interdisciplinary approach it examines individuals across the lifespan with the objective of comprehending the development of individuals with different cultural and ethnic as well as biological background, different economic and cognitive potentials and under diverse living conditions. To facilitate the understanding of developmental processes it is also necessary to overcome the disadvantageous separation of “normal” from “abnormal” human development. Thus, the interdisciplinary field of Developmental Science comprises a holistic approach to understanding how different systems interact and influence development throughout life from genetic and physiological processes to social interactions and cultural processes.

The European Journal of Developmental Science provides an interdisciplinary and international forum for basic research and professional application in the field of Developmental Science. It aims to bring together work in Developmental Science undertaken by researchers across different subdisciplines within psychology, as well as across other disciplines like Anthropology, Biology, Communication Science, Neuroscience, Linguistics, Medical Science, Ethology, History, Philosophy and Sociology. The reader will find original empirical or theoretical contributions, methodological and review papers, giving a systematic overview or evaluation of research and theories of Developmental Science and dealing with typical human development and developmental psychopathology during infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. All manuscripts pass through a multilevel peer-review process.

Herbert Scheithauer
European Journal of Developmental Science
Free University Berlin
Faculty of Educational Science and Psychology
Department of Psychology
Unit “Developmental Science & Applied Developmental Psychology”, PF 19
Habelschwerdter Allee 45
D-14195 Berlin

Editorial Assistant: Kay Niebank

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Beginning in 2011, the journal will be published under the name International Journal of Developmental Science by Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft AKA, Heidelberg.


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