Interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society – J-RaT

The Interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society – J-RaT is an academic, open-access, peer-reviewed Journal.

The latest issues

The fifth issue of the Interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society (J-RaT) centers on the topic of religion, transformation and sex/gender. The focal point will be on religious and cultural transformation processes and their repercussions on gender roles, constructs and representations on the one hand, and on sex and/or gender transformations which are embedded in the context of specific religious traditions on the other.

In recent years, the topic of religion in the context of migration has become a major issue in society and politics. Since autumn 2015, the beginning of the so called “migration-crisis” in Europe, also European academic discourse intensifies its research on this highly controversial topic. The 4th issue of the J-RaT discusses diverse occurring phenomena within this area from an interdisciplinary perspective.


Religious Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism is a crucial and inevitable key topic in present society. Although there have been increasing debates about religious fundamentalism during the last years, an interdisciplinary and systematical investigation of the theoretical backgrounds of fundamentalism,  its consequences for global politics and its essential meaning for a networked society is still missing. The third issue of the J-RaT examines current forms of religious fundamentalism from an interdisciplinary and inter-confessional perspective.

Issue 3, June 2016

The second issue of the J-RaT puts a focus on institutional responses to religious diversity. The articles deal with a wide range of institutions, including the hospital, the military, the prison, the Catholic Church and state institutions.

Issue 2, February 2016



The first issue of the J-RaT is especially dedicated to the theme of religion in a post-secular world with a view to analysing the diverse interactions between social transformation processes and religions not only in post-secular European contexts, but also within the broader framework of globalisation. In particular, it examines the different meanings and aspects of the categories of secularisation and post-secularisation in different cultural contexts in order to present analogies and differences within today’s global processes from different academic perspectives.

Issue 1, September 2015

General Information

The Journal aims at investigating the contribution of religion to the cultural and political dynamics in present-day pluralistic society and, vice versa, at examining the influence of the processes of social transformation on religion. Such an approach involves the combining of different academic disciplines and opens an interdisciplinary research sphere for theologians of different religious and confessional traditions (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.), as well as for scientists in the field of Philosophy and Sociology of religion, Religious studies, Social science, Law, Jewish studies, Islamic studies, Indology etc.

Each issue contains 5-10 scholarly articles focusing on the role religious transformations play within the growing complexity of the global context, especially taking into account their interactions with paradigmatic changes in the construction of social meanings and value systems as well as on juridical challenges connected with the latter.

The Editors of J-Rat are members of the board of the Research Platform “Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society – RaT. The Editorial Board of the journal is composed of many renowned international scholars in the fields of study mentioned above.

V&R unipress – Vienna University Press edits the Journal about semi-annualy, indexes and makes searchable the articles in the most relevant databases. Articles can be published in four languages: German, English, Spanish or Italian.


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