Jörn Rüsen, Sorin Antohi, Chun-chieh Huang (Hg.)

Reflections on (In)Humanity.

For centuries, defining humanism as a universal normative horizon has been at the core of many cultural, religious, philosophical, ideological, legal and political paradigms. However, human dignity and most other universal values have often been challenged, manipulated, diluted or annihilated, leaving humanism and its proponents disoriented, insecure, discredited.

The book series “Reflections on (In)Humanity” aims at a (self-)reflexive, open-ended,  intercultural humanism, engaging the past and present diversity of human experience, in search of a higher common ground for the future.

The series is co-published by V&R unipress and National Taiwan University Press, being sponsored by the Berendel Foundation and by the National Taiwan University’s Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences.

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