Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati, Hans-Günter Heimbrock, Jens Kreinath, Trygve Wyller, Stefanie Knauss, Hans-Joachim Sander (Hg.)

Research in Contemporary Religion (RCR).

The RCR series provides a international and interdisciplinary contribution to academic discourse on contemporary religion.

The series offers methodologically informed research on religion by investigating contemporary contexts from the perspective of phenomenological, empirical and cultural studies and the theory of religion. The focus lies both on the role of religious institutions and traditions in pluralized cultures, and on the diffusion of religion in the public sphere. Whilst also encouraging historical approaches to current aspects of religion and religions, the series focuses primarily on contemporary phenomena. In the RCR series, approaches from several different disciplines and research traditions meet for an innovative exploration of the significance and the function of religion in society.

RCR is edited by Hans-Günter Heimbrock (Frankfurt), Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati (Munich), Jens Kreinath (Wichita), Hans-Joachim Sander (Salzburg), Stefanie Knauss (Villanova) and Trygve Wyller (Oslo). It is open for publications both in English and German.

Advisory Board: Hanan Alexander (Haifa), Carla Danani (Macerata), Wanda Deifelt (Decorah), Siebren Miedema (Amsterdam), Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore (Nashville), Garbi Schmidt (Roskilde), Claire Wolfteich (Boston).

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Jetzt Intercultural Theology bestellen Buch
Band 022
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Jetzt Die Irritation der Religion bestellen Buch
Band 021
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Jetzt The Spaces of Others – Heterotopic Spaces bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Was bedeutet Spiritualität? bestellen Buch
Band 019
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Jetzt Dance To My Ministry bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Meaning and Melancholy in the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Mit Gott im Grünen bestellen Buch
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Jetzt More than a Provocation bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Secular and Sacred? bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Second Skin bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Making Sadza With Deaf Zimbabwean Women bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Der »Fremde« in der europäischen Karikatur bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Approaches to the Visual in Religion bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Robinson Crusoe tries again bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Religion und Konflikt bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Raum und Geist bestellen Buch
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Jetzt In Between bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Deconversion bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Heterotopic Citizen bestellen Buch
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Jetzt Alltag mit künstlichen Wesen bestellen Buch
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Jetzt The Given Child bestellen Buch