Andreas Merkt, Tobias Nicklas, Joseph Verheyden (Hg.)

Novum Testamentum Patristicum

The way the church fathers read and interpreted biblical texts continues to be a somewhat marginalised topic in patristic studies and has been largely neglected in modern biblical scholarship. A paradigm shift in biblical studies that gave rise to a growing interest in the history of the exegesis and the reception of the Bible has opened a way for patristic exegesis to claim a place again in academic theology.

Have you ever tried finding out how the church fathers read a specific verse or a New Testament story? You will find yourself faced with complex bibliographies that will take you to literature or source texts but you might not find what you were looking for. That is why an international team of scholars of various denominations are currently documenting the NT exegesis of the Ancient Church. Their objective is to publish a commentary on every NT book. Each volume will consist of a general introduction and a verse-by-verse commentary on the history of NT exegesis in the first six or seven centuries.

Novum Testamentum Patristicum (NTP) offers more than just information. It provides a new perspective for looking at the dynamics that are at work in NT texts and calls attention to the
great variety of hermeneutical methods that characterised biblical exegesis in the Ancient Church.


Galater, Prof. Dr. M. Meiser, Nürnberg

1 Petrus, Prof. Dr. A. Merkt, Regensburg
Apokryphen, Prof. Dr. T. Nicklas, Regensburg/Dr. J.-M. Roessli, Sudbury

Matthäus 1–2, Dr. Th.R. Karmann, Regensburg
Matthäus 19-22, Sr. Dr. J.C. Metzdorf, Regensburg

Titus, Prof. Dr. Dr. Th. Böhm, Freiburg

2 Thessalonicher, Dott. Dr. S. Pellegrini, Vechta

Philipper, Prof. Dr. S. Vollenweider, Zürich
Colossians, Prof. Dr. J. Leemans, Leuven

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