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10. - 12.05.2017

06886 Lutherstadt-Wittenberg

Kongress / Tagung

Seventh Annual RefoRC Conference 2017 Wittenberg

Vom 10.-12.05.2017 findet in Wittenberg die »Seventh Annual RefoRC Conference« statt.

More than Luther: The Reformation and the Rise of Pluralism in Europe

Speaking in plural about the reformations of the sixteenth century has become common in early modern research, the question, however, is what this plural form means. Is plural also plurality? And what was the diversity within each of the various traditions arising out of these reformations? Wittenberg is the venue and the LEUCOREA Foundation is the host for the 2017 RefoRC conference: the perfect match for dealing with these questions. The plenary papers will reflect, from various angles, on the variety of what came out of Luther or over against Luther and his movement, but the overall topic of the conference also gives full space to short papers on all kinds of subjects. The conference aims at getting a picture of the plurality of sixteenth century traditions and the interdisciplinary and interconfessional exchanges within these.

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