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Eckhardt Fuchs

Prof Dr Eckhardt Fuchs holds the Chair for History of Education/Comparative Education at the Technical University Braunschweig and is Director of the Georg Eckert Institute.
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Eckhardt Fuchs, Tokushi Kasahara, Sven Saaler (Ed.)

A New Modern History of East Asia

1. Edition 2018
840 pages
ISBN 978-3-8471-0708-8
V&R unipress

90,00 €

For decades, historians and societal forces have campaigned for rapprochement, reconciliation and dialogue between East Asian nations. This book is a result of these efforts. Debates regarding the interpretation of the modern history of East Asia continue to affect bilateral relations between the states of the region. History education has become a particularly controversial issue in this context. This book’s main message is that a common understanding regarding the history of East Asia is possible, even though some differences remain. It is not only a major contribution to reconciliation in the region, but as the first textbook on the history of East Asia written collaboratively by scholars from three East Asian countries, it is also highly recommended for use in an anglophone teaching environment. The authors are a group of historians, teachers and concerned citizens from China, Japan and South Korea.

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This work is an open-access-publication for the purpose of Creative Commons license
BY-NC-ND international 4.0 (“Attribution - Noncommercial - NoDerivatives”),
DOI 10.14220/9783737007085. 
Please visit for a copy of this license. 

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