Susanne Schul, Mareike Böth, Michael Mecklenburg (Ed.)

Abenteuerliche ›Überkreuzungen‹

Vormoderne intersektional

1. Edition 2017
320 pages
ISBN 978-3-8471-0724-8
V&R unipress

45,00 €
PDF eBook 37,99 € BUY

The volume sets off on a methodological queste (MHG âventiure) to explore the potential of the controversially discussed intersectional theory of the social sciences as a new paradigm in historical literary studies. Case studies of a broad thematic scope show the applicability of such an adaptation of intersectional theory and where and how it has to be modified for a critical literary approach. Different disciplinary fields (e.g. social sciences, cultural studies, narratology) and areas (e.g. gender, nature, space) are merged in systematic intersectional models of literary representations. The underlying mentalities and the social patterns and their cultural origins inherent in the literary artefact become visible, at the same time highlighting its aesthetic qualities.

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