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Herman J. Selderhuis

Dr. theol. Herman J. Selderhuis is Professor of Church History, Director of Refo500, and academic Curator of the Johannes a Lasco Library, Emden, Germany.
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Donald Sinnema, Christian Moser, Herman J. Selderhuis (Ed.)

Acta of the Synod of Dordt

1. Edition 2015
539 pages
ISBN 978-3-525-55078-6
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Acta et Documenta Synodi Nationalis Dordrechtanae (1618–1619).(ADSND) - Band 00I

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Volume 1 includes the original Acta Authentica of the synod, here published for the first time. Following the Acta Authentica, the corresponding acts, as first published in the Acta Synodi Nationalis … Dordrechti Habitae (Leiden, 1620), are reprinted; these published Acta were a significantly revised version, for stylistic and political purposes, of the original Acta Authentica. Also included are the Acta Contracta, a topical summary of the Acta Authentica, and the minutes of the meetings of the state delegates, who represented the Dutch government at the synod; neither of these has been previously published. This volume begins with a general introduction to the Synod of Dordt and its context, an introduction to the Acta Authentica, the published Acta and Acta Contracta, and an introduction to the role of the state delegates and the minutes of their meetings.

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»Es bleibt zu hoffen, dass gerade diese Thematik von Forschern anhand der nun sukzessive leichter zugänglichen Dokumente genauer erforscht wird. Jedenfalls sei zu guter Letzt dem Verlag gedankt, dass er ein so kompliziertes, arbeitsaufwendiges und umfangreiches Werk mit allerlei Risiken ermöglicht und fördert.«
Zur vollständigen Besprechung.
AfeT Rezensionen (Thomas Schirrmacher), 01.05.2017

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