Oliver R. Scholz, Jörg Hardy (Ed.)

Angewandte Philosophie. Eine internationale Zeitschrift / Applied Philosophy. An International Journal

Heft/Volume 1,2016: Aufklärung heute

1. Edition 2017
143 pages
ISBN 978-3-8470-0579-7
V&R unipress

Angewandte Philosophie. Eine internationale Zeitschrift. - Jahrgang 2016, Heft 001

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How relevant is the Enlightenment in our day and age? Where is it still lagging behind its own ideals? In what areas have old or new deficits been left over from the Enlightenment? Can we, in the 21st century, follow in the footsteps of Enlightenment programmes of the Socratic and current-day Enlightenment, or do such constructs need to be revised or at least adapted in light of profound technological, economic and political changes (globalisation, deregulated capitalism, the modern information society, new forms of violence, war and terror etc.)? These are the questions that the current issue of "Applied Philosophy" deals with.

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