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Tarek Sabraa

Tarek Sabraa studied Islamic Studies in Medina, Rome and Rotterdam. He currently holds a doctoral stipend at the Annemarie Schimmel-Kolleg, University of Bonn. He worked for IFPO and OIB in Damascus and Beirut.

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Tarek Sabraa (Ed.), Aḥmad b. Aybak Ibn ad-Dumyāṭī

at-Tarāǧim al-ǧalīla al-ǧaliyya wa-l-ašyāḫ al-ʿāliya al-ʿaliyya

1. Edition 2017
862 pages
ISBN 978-3-8470-0658-9
Bonn University Press at V&R unipress

74,99 €
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Ibn Aybak ad-Dumyaṭī was an historian specialized in recording the scholarly lives of the learned men of his generation. His most important work of this genre was at-Tarāǧim al-ǧalīla al-ǧaliyya wa-l-ašyāḫ al-ʿāliya al-ʿaliyya in which he recounted the intellectual life of the chief judge Taqī d-Dīn as-Subkī (d. 756/1355) and which is important for the following reasons: It is the only source which mentions in detail the books that as-Subkī studied with his teachers and reveals a clear picture of his strong interest in the Prophetic hadīṯs. It unveils information about as-Subkī’s travels and mentions teachers that are found in no other source. It is one of the most important sources which were relied upon by Ibn Ḥaǧar in ad-Durar al-kāmina and by aṣ-Ṣafadī in Aʿyān al-ʿaṣr and al-Wāfī bi-l-wafayāt.

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