Karl Braun, Felix Linzner, John Khairi-Taraki (Ed.)

Avantgarden der Biopolitik

Jugendbewegung, Lebensreform und Strategien biologischer »Aufrüstung«

1. Edition 2017
275 pages
ISBN 978-3-8470-0740-1
V&R unipress

32,99 €
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Within a discursive environment of societal unease, physical-biological, social Darwinian, sexual and racial-theoretical lines of argumentation were extremely popular during the youth movement. It concerned concepts of improvement as well as avoidance of threats; i.e., a broad spectrum across elite selection – expulsion – eradication. What was meant by femininity and masculinity, by racial purity, by the creative possibilities of sexual life, by dealing with the body and its vital functions, by models of past forms of social organisation or those that were to be restored or reinvented? This volume addresses these questions from a “biopolitical” point of view, thus making youths’ efforts – in its inherent ambivalence – both comprehensible and understandable.

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