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Matthias Rein

Dr. Matthias Rein is a Scientific Assistant at the University of the Saarland in Saarbrücken.

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Matthias Rein

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Studien zur Geschichte von Wort und Konzept ›bekehren‹, insbesondere in der deutschen Sprache des Mittelalters

1. Edition 2012
560 pages
ISBN 978-3-525-36715-5
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Historische Semantik. - Band 016

85,00 €
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In Middle High German bekêren means to turn around, to reverse, to invert. In this volume Matthias Rein portrays the systematic history of the meaning of this concept. Both the theological-conceptual aspect and the basic motoric meaning were present simultaneously and competed with each other. The modern interpretation of “bekehren” in the sense of a mental reorientation is very new indeed: During the Middle Ages, particularly since the times of late Old High German, this nuance gradually grew in meaning, but even in early Modern High German the motoric intimation of a spatial action is still present.

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