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Kamila Maria

Kamila Maria

Das Dienst-, Habilitations- und Disziplinarrecht der Universität Wien 1848–1938

Eine rechtshistorische Untersuchung zur Stellung des wissenschaftlichen Universitätspersonals

1. Edition 2017
863 pages
ISBN 978-3-8470-0720-3
Vienna University Press at V&R unipress

79,99 €
PDF eBook
Book 100,00 € BUY

This book takes a closer look at the legal position of the University of Vienna’s research staff between 1848 and 1938. It compares and contrasts theory and practice based on a comprehensive analysis of the sources provided. The subject matter primarily deals with salaries and fees, anti-Semitism in academia, networks within the university and women’s post-doctoral qualifications, among others. Disciplinary law in particular, which can be classed as a somewhat neglected field of study, is extensively examined. On an abstract level, the author looks into which behaviours led to disciplinary action and how exactly these views changed over time. The volume presents over 150 disciplinary cases, including those of Sigmund Freud, Max Adler and Hans Kelsen, as well as biographical data on said persons.

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