Anneli Aejmelaeus, Kristin De Troyer, Wolfgang Kraus, Emanuel Tov (Ed.)

De Septuaginta Investigationes (DSI).

The series »De Septuaginta Investigationes« (DSI) covers the entire spectrum of international research into the Septuagint. The idea of this series is to publish in English, German and French both monographs and well-focused collections of articles that deal either directly with the Septuagint or with its source texts, its secondary versions, or the history of its influence over time. These publications serve to further the scholarly discussion of the Septuagint and its context. Editorial Board: Anneli Aejmelaeus (University of Helsinki), Kristin De Troyer (University Salzburg), Wolfgang Kraus (University of Saarbrücken), Emanuel Tov (Hebrew University, Jerusalem). Academic Advisory Board: Kai Brodersen (University of Erfurt), Cécile Dogniez (National Research Centre, Paris), Peter Gentry (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville), Anna Kharanauli (University of Tbilisi), Armin Lange (University of Vienna), Alison Salvesen (University of Oxford), Andrew Teeter (Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge), Julio Trebolle (University of Madrid), Florian Wilk (University of Göttingen)

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