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Schubert M. Ogden

Den christlichen Glauben verstehen

1. Edition 2014
226 pages
ISBN 978-3-647-59361-6
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Grundwissen Christentum. - Band 006

27,99 €
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As an introduction to Christian systematic theology, this volume treats of the main theological topics – from God to last things – seeking to explicate critically the understanding of them implicit in Christian faith itself in terms at once appropriate to Jesus Christ and credible to human existence. Its criteria, accordingly, are the ultimate criteria of, on the one hand, specifically Christian experience of Jesus as expressed by the apostolic witness, and, on the other hand, generically human experience of existence as expressed by a sound philosophy. And, as befits an introduction, it employs these same criteria to clarify the process of actually doing Christian systematic theology. Thus it begins by explaining both what such a theology has to do and how it is to do it, and ends by considering what it means to do theology as a Christian calling, particularly as a professional theologian.

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»Ein gutes, interessantes Buch für die theologische Erwachsenenbildung, das unseren europäischen Zentrismus zur Neuen Welt hin öffnet.«, 04.02.2015, Heft: 12/2014

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