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Maria Häusl

Maria Häusl (Ed.)

Denkt nicht mehr an das Frühere!

Begründungsressourcen in Esra/Nehemia und Jes 40–66 im Vergleich

1. Edition 2018
262 pages
ISBN 978-3-8471-0763-7
Bonn University Press at V&R unipress

40,00 €
If you have placed a standing order for the series: 36,00 €
PDF eBook 32,99 € BUY

The books of Ezra/Nehemiah and Isaiah make up part of the discourse on the constitution of post-exilic Israel. They differ not only in the construction of the post-exilic community, but also in their justifications. If one examines the relation to God, the recourse to given traditions, the draft of a common ethos and the meaning of space and time, the two positions are to be characterised as follows: the book of Ezra/Nehemiah explicitly refers to traditions; the community is constituted on the basis of the Torah as a memory-based and learning community, and sanctification is practised internally and externally. Jesavian prophecy sees especially in God the guarantor of the future of the community, which is essentially based on justice and opens itself up to the people of the nations.

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