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André Frank Zimpel

André Frank Zimpel

Dr. André Frank Zimpel, M.Sc. Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Needs Education, is Professor for Learning and Development at University of Hamburg, Germany. His main research interest includes Cognitive Development, Neuropsychology and Neurodiversity.

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André Frank Zimpel

Der zählende Mensch

Was Emotionen mit Mathematik zu tun haben

2. Edition 2012
191 pages
ISBN 978-3-525-31542-2
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

25,00 €
PDF eBook 19,99 € BUY

2008 has been declared the International Year of Mathematics. So perhaps it is time for a new groundbreaking look at this basic science.
Numbers can be very daunting. To some they are god-like apparitions, an oracle from beyond – to others nothing but illusion and the work of the devil. Even Pythagoras was convinced that everything is but a number. Our modern scientific depiction of the world is based on numbers; humans are both a part of this view of the world and its perpetrator. In this volume André Frank Zimpel studies two interconnected questions: How do humans develop their attitude toward numbers? And can we grasp human intellectual development through numbers?
A science of human mathematics that subsumes the accomplishments of engineering mathematics but does not ignore human qualities may better be in the position to sharpen our view for the problems inherent to an information age as well as to contribute to their solution.

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WDR empfielt das Buch auch für »Mathe-Muffel«

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