Hannah Lotte Lund, Ulrike Schneider, Ulrike Wels (Ed.)

Die Kommunikations-, Wissens- und Handlungsräume der Henriette Herz (1764–1847)

1. Edition 2017
308 pages
ISBN 978-3-8470-0624-4
V&R unipress

37,99 €
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Book 45,00 € BUY

Not only in research but also in the common mind, Henriette Herz is perceived above all as a "Berlin salonière" and a "beautiful Jew". The entries within this volume open up new and distinctive perspectives on her life and work. By asking interdisciplinary questions, this volume investigates the dimensions of communication, knowledge and action within which Henriette Herz moved, and which she herself created or shaped. The image of Henriette Herz as a symbolic figure of Berlin’s cultural and intellectual history is thus broadened by key aspects, whilst further significant insights into an otherwise well-researched literary history ca. 1800 and its reception are revealed.

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