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Uwe Puschner

Dr. Uwe Puschner is Professor for Modern History in the Friedrich Meinecke Institute of the Free University of Berlin.

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Clemens Vollnhals

Dr. Clemens Vollnhals is Deputy Director of the Hannah Arendt Institute for Research into Totalitarianism e.V. and Lecturer for Modern History at the Polytechnical University of Dresden.

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Uwe Puschner, Clemens Vollnhals (Ed.)

Die völkisch-religiöse Bewegung im Nationalsozialismus

Eine Beziehungs- und Konfliktgeschichte

2. Edition 2012
592 pages
ISBN 978-3-525-36996-8
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Schriften des Hannah-Arendt-Instituts für Totalitarismusforschung. - Band 047

100,00 €
PDF eBook 79,99 € BUY

An analysis of the ethnic-religious movement under National Socialism is an integral part of the history of religion during the “Third Reich.”
The hopes of the ethnic-religious movement, namely, that the assumption of power by the National Socialists would lead to a “new German religious blossoming,” were soon proved to be illusions. Both the German Christians and the “New Pagan” wings of the Protestant Church failed in their endeavors first because of their own inability to surmount their personal and religious-philosophical contrasts, but also because they massively overestimated their room for maneuvering under the Nazis and the power they wielded.

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