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Matthew L. Becker

Matthew L. Becker is associate professor of theology at the University of Valparaiso.

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Matthew L. Becker (Ed.), Edmund Schlink

Ecumenical and Confessional Writings

Volume 1: The Coming Christ and Church Traditions/After the Council

1. Edition 2017
557 pages
ISBN 978-3-647-56028-1
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

79,99 €
PDF eBook
Book 100,00 € BUY

Although many of Edmund Schlink’s writings have been available in English for several decades, the publication of the new German edition offered a significant impetus for providing a fresh and more accurate translation of them. Matthew L. Becker translated key terms that occur in all five volumes consistently. Also, he corrected infelicitous and misleading renderings of Schlink’s language into English, which more or less happened in all of the earlier editions. In this first volume, Becker presents a completely reworked translation of Schlink’s popular work “Der kommende Christus und die kirchlichen Traditionen.

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