Wilhelm Schwendemann, Dirk Oesselmann, Jürgen Rausch, Kerstin Lammer, Bernd Harbeck-Pingel (Ed.)

Evangelische Hochschulschriften Freiburg.

This series focuses on action and practical research from the areas of religious and community education, educational science, pastoral theology, pastoral care and diaconal science. Particular attention is paid to national, international and intercultural aspects of practical and classroom research. The Series promotes academic discourse between the disciplines of practical theology and the social sciences and humanities by especially publishing interdisciplinary studies, making them accessible to a wide readership.The Publications of the Protestant University of Applied Science Freiburg address students and teachers of theology, religious and community education as well as the social and educational sciences and seek answers to questions on child and youth theology, school and extracurricular education, school and teaching research both in general and for specific school types (including vocational schools), community teaching, pastoral care, and pastoral theology and psychology.

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