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Mitchell G. Ash, Wolfram Niess, Ramon Pils (Ed.)

Geisteswissenschaften im Nationalsozialismus

Das Beispiel der Universität Wien

1. Edition 2010
587 pages
ISBN 978-3-89971-568-2
Vienna University Press at V&R unipress

85,00 €

In recent years interest has increased in the humanities under the National Socialist regime. In addition to the roles of individual disciplines, politically oriented inter- and multidisciplinary projects such as “folk”, “spatial” and “enemy research” have received increased scrutiny. In the 18 chapters of this volume, results of recent research on these topics at the University of Vienna are presented and the involvement of the humanities in the National Socialist dictatorship in these cases illuminated and interpreted. The contributions focus on the following issues: continuities and discontinuities in personnel before and after 1938, including racist dismissals of scholars defined as Jews; research trends made possible by professorial appointments after 1938; room for autonomous action by university professors and others in connection with efforts to establish alliances with the Nazi party, state ministries and the military; impacts of Nazism on scholarly research; and contributions of humanities in Vienna to the Nazi war effort and the occupation of Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

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