Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr, Samuel Vollenweider (Ed.)

Grundrisse zum Neuen Testament.

Das Neue Testament Deutsch, Ergänzungsreihe.

The series »Grundrisse zum Neuen Testament (GNT)« (Outlines of New Testament Studies) is a supplement to the series »Das Neue Testament Deutsch (NTD)« (The New Testament in German) and is today a well-respected commentary the world over. Each volume offers numerous translations, explanations, thematically oriented excursus as well as references relevant to the field. Because of its excellent level of scientific discourse, its easily comprehensible contributions and his affordability, this series of commentaries has been a standard reference work for many decades now. It is addressed toward ministers, pastors, teachers, students and laypersons involved in church work.

Titles in this series

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