Markus Mühling (Ed.)

Grundwissen Christentum.

The series entitled »Grundwissen Christentum« (Basics of Christianity) is intended for anyone seeking more information on the basic foundations of the Christian faith, whether in order to better understand their own beliefs or to become better acquainted with traditions they have previously only heard about. Besides discussions of the basics of the Christian Bible and Biblical personages, this series also presents information on the many Christian confessions and the history of Christian beliefs over the past centuries. It also addresses the theme of church architecture as a physical expression of the Christian faith.
A further volume is dedicated to the Christian understanding of God in the context of the various other important world religions within our pluralistic society. The final volume of the series consists of a book that serves to encourage the reader to become involved conceptually with the important matter of belief and to come to responsible solutions. This series is directed toward interested laypersons who are active in theological circles within the local parish as well as students beginning their studies – though it will also be of interest to persons previously not associated with the Church or matters of faith.

Titles in this series

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