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Sigrid Eder

Sigrid Eder

Identifikationspotenziale in den Psalmen

Emotionen, Metaphern und Textdynamik in den Psalmen 30, 64, 90 und 147

1. Edition 2018
436 pages
ISBN 978-3-8471-0684-5
Bonn University Press at V&R unipress

60,00 €
If you have placed a standing order for the series: 54,00 €

How is it possible that readers plunge into literary texts and experience them at first hand? Based upon this question, Sigrid Eder explores the immediacy of the psalms. Immediacy is based on the fact that readers can identify with the situations, experiences, emotions, characters and movements expressed in the texts. Therefore, the project aimed to find answer to the following research question: Which aspects of identification can be found in the psalms of the Hebrew Bible? So the aim of this project was it to analyse strategies of the texts, which enable readers to identify with the text-world described in the psalms.

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