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Max Küchler

Dr. theol. Max Küchler is Professor em. for New Testament Studies and Biblical Environment at the University of Freiburg, Switzerland.

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Max Küchler


Ein Handbuch und Studienreiseführer zur Heiligen Stadt

2. Edition 2014
816 pages
ISBN 978-3-647-50173-4
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Orte und Landschaften der Bibel. - Band 004,2

140,00 €
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Jerusalem is a difficult city for all who enter it. Once you’ve put a foot inside its borders you can feel the vibrations of countless heroic beginnings and dramatic deaths. Look for religion and you will be overrun by monotheistic gods; look for history and you will be confronted with the remains of several millennia – and yet can witness the religious claims of all ages in the streets of the modern city.
Any description of Jerusalem is necessarily a fragment – as is this book, despite its great length. Too many battles have been fought over every stone, too much human energy has been invested in every square meter of its territory, too many diverse powers have staked their claims to be reflected in a single volume. This book attempts to present a detailed selection from the history of the city. Max Küchler draws on his own experience as tourist, archeologist and theologian; he looks at historical and theological texts, treatises and reports by archeologists and art historians, plans by cartographers and illustrations of photographers and artists. The author wants to arouse the enthusiasm of the reader by presenting the radiance and beauty of Jerusalem against the background of the city’s flawed and fragile past.

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»Max Küchlers Jerusalem-Buch ist eine absolut empfehlenswerte Lektüre für eine intensive gewinnbringende Vorbereitung auf einen ausführlichen Aufenthalt in Jerusalem.«
Bibel und Liturgie (Thomas Hieke), Heft: Heft 1/2014

»Man möchte am liebsten sagen: Es ist da! Das Opous Magnum für bzw. über Jerusalem. […] Das Lesen und Studieren garantiert Erkenntnisgewinn auf jeder Seite.« 

Deus lo vult (Matthias Kopp), Heft: 2014

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