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Gudrun Holtz

Jungfrauengeburt und Greisinnengeburt

Zur Rezeptionsgeschichte von Gen 21,1f im antiken Judentum und im frühen Christentum

1. Edition 2017
152 pages
ISBN 978-3-7887-3253-0
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Biblisch-Theologische Studien - Band 172

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The origin of Jesus has ever since been a disputed topic between Jews and Christians.In this conflict which is already present in Matthew the history of Isaacs forthcoming in Gen 21,1f takes a central position. Gudrun Holtz' traces the history of the interpretation of Gen 21,1f in hebrew-aramaic and hellenistic Judaism as well as in early Christianity and thus offers an insight into the methods of debate between Jews and Christians.Contrary to other scientific traditions, the idea of an conception that has been caused by God's power alone and without virile participation is
explicitly present in hebrew-aramaic Judaism.Luke's telling of Maria's conception and the analysed jewish and paleochristian texts touch insofar, as that both reduce Jesus' divine origin analogue to Isaak's procreation to God's creative power.

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