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Gunther Wenz

Dr. theol. Gunther Wenz is professor em. for Systematic Theology at the Evangelical-Theological Faculty of Munich University and director of the Institute for Fundamental Theology.

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Gunther Wenz (Ed.)

Kirche und Reich Gottes

Zur Ekklesiologie Wolfhart Pannenbergs

1. Edition 2017
294 pages
ISBN 978-3-525-56032-7
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Pannenberg-Studien. - Band 003

90,00 €
PDF eBook 74,99 € BUY

Wolfhart Pannenberg set a theological milestone for inner-protestantic and ecumenical debates with his ecclesiology which still stimulates and provokes to thinking. He was one of the great ecumenical theologians of our time. Furthermore he contributed to projects of the Ecumenical Working Group or the committee "Faith and Order" of the Ecumenical Council of the Churches. His ecclesiology has been received not only in Reformatory theology, but
also in Roman Catholizism and Orthodoxy.

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