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Miriam Kühn

Miriam Kühn

Mamlukische Minbare

Islamische Predigtkanzeln in Ägypten, Syrien, Libanon, Israel und den Palästinensischen Autonomiegebieten zwischen 1250 und 1517. Orte religiöser und politischer Ansprache: Bestandsaufnahme, Datierung, Stiftung und Funktion

1. Edition 2018
about 800 pages
ISBN 978-3-8470-0806-4
Bonn University Press at V&R unipress
Forthcoming December 2017

Mamluk Studies - Band 019

appr. 79,99 €
PDF eBook

This publication is dedicated to the documentation and analysis of the structure and decoration, endowment and use of mamluk minbars. For the first time these objects are presented as endowed, created, used and meaningful objects of the society under Mamluk rule. The work is based on a survey of preserved minbars in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and the areas of Palestinian Authority control carried out between 2006 and 2013. The visual aspects of the minbars are described and classified. Furthermore their endowment is examined and emphasized as the main reason for the numerousness of minbars preserved from Mamluk rule. Finally, the use of minbars is explored by using Mamluk visual and written sources as well as their inscriptions.

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