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Raul Calzoni

Raul Calzoni is Associate Professor of German Studies at the University of Bergamo.

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Greta Perletti

Greta Perletti holds a PhD in Textual Analysis and Theory at the University of Bergamo.

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Raul Calzoni, Greta Perletti (Ed.)

Monstrous Anatomies

Literary and Scientific Imagination in Britain and Germany during the Long Nineteenth Century

1. Edition 2015
316 pages
ISBN 978-3-8470-0469-1
V&R unipress

Interfacing Science, Literature, and the Humanities.ACUME 2. - Band 010

39,99 €
PDF eBook

The book explores the significance and dissemination of ‘monstrous anatomies’ in British and German culture by investigating how and why scientific and literary representations and descriptions of abnormal bodies were proposed in the late Enlightenment, during the Romantic and the Victorian Age. Since the investigations of late 18th-Century natural sciences, the fascination with monstrous anatomies has proved crucial to the study of human physiology and pathology. Featuring essays by a number of scholars focusing on a wide range of literary texts from the long nineteenth century and foregrounding the most important monstrous anatomies of the time, this book intends to offer a significant contribution to the study of the representations of the abnormal body in modern culture. 

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