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Marianne Klemun, Helga Hühnel

Nikolaus Joseph Jacquin (1727–1817) – ein Naturforscher (er)findet sich

1. Edition 2017
650 pages
ISBN 978-3-8470-0710-4
Vienna University Press at V&R unipress

32,99 €
PDF eBook
Book 40,00 € BUY

Everything that has so far been related about the career of the natural scientist Nikolaus Joseph Jacquin is largely based on his own self-portrayals. The present book makes novel use of a range of different source materials. It distinguishes the aspect of Jacquin’s self-fashioning, and discusses this in relation to his patrons Gerard van Swieten and Carl von Linné and their exchange of knowledge. Using knowledge spaces (botanical gardens and chemical laboratory), the constitution of knowledge and the creation of status are analysed. The facts that Jacquin undertook his Caribbean expedition (1754–1759) in the tropics wearing a wig and that, together with his attendants, he wore out more than 104 pairs of shoes, are details that are revealed by a study focussed on the practice of natural history.

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