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Wolf Christian von Wedel Parlow

Ostelbischer Adel im Nationalsozialismus

Familienerinnerungen am Beispiel der Wedel

1. Edition 2017
199 pages
ISBN 978-3-8470-0758-6
V&R unipress

27,99 €
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What role did we play in National Socialism? This is a question that many noble German families dread and often fail to be able to answer. With his study, Wolf Christian von Wedel Parlow thus provides significant family biographical insights and attempts to locate his family through both the support and the rejection of the Nazi regime. Not least, he portrays individual family members who had experienced the emergence of National Socialism as adults. It shows that social degradation and the feeling of homelessness in the abhorred Weimar Republic under the fronds did, in fact, prove themselves to be crucial reasons behind the convergence to the Hitler regime.

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