Ernst Heitsch, Carl Werner Müller, Kurt Sier (Ed.)

Platon Werke.

Übersetzung und Kommentar.

To date there is no modern German translation available of Plato´s complete works. Also lacking are scholarly editions with commentaries. This project has the goal of remedying this deficit. It is edited by Ernst Heitsch, Carl Werner Müller and Kurt Sier on behalf of the Kommission für Klassische Philologie der Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur zu Mainz (Commisson for Classical Philology of the Academy of Sciences and Literature in Mainz). In this series a single author, chosen on the basis of his or her special competence, is responsible for each of the individual works of Plato. The new translations must be both correct and accessible to readers and above all provide an accurate overall feeling for the elegant conversations Plato is purporting to reproduce.

Titles in this series

  (21 titles)

Band 009,2,3
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Order Nomoi (Gesetze), Buch VIII-XII now Book
Band 009,2,2
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Order Nomoi (Gesetze), Buch IV-VII now Book
Band 009,2
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Order Nomoi (Gesetze), Buch I-III now Book
Band 009,1
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Order Minos now Book
Band 008,4
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Order Kritias now Book
Band 007,3
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Order Ion oder Über die Ilias now Book
Band 007,1
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Order Größerer Hippias now Book
Band 006,3
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Order Gorgias now Book
Band 006,2
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Order Protagoras now Book
Band 006,1
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Order Euthydemos now Book
Band 005,4
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Order Lysis now Book
Band 005,3
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Order Laches now Book
Band 005,1
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Order Theages now Book
Band 004,1
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Order Erster Alkibiades now Book
Band 003,4
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Order Phaidros now Book
Band 003,2
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Order Philebos now Book
Band 002,4
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Order Politikos now Book
Band 001,4
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Order Phaidon now Book
Band 001,3
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Order Kriton now Book
Band 001,2
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Order Apologie des Sokrates now Book
Band 001,1
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Order Euthyphron now Book