Michael Homberg


Metropolitane Nachrichtenkultur und die Wahrnehmung der Welt 1870–1918

1. Edition 2017
396 pages
ISBN 978-3-525-35205-2
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Kritische Studien zur Geschichtswissenschaft. - Band 223

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An insightful comparative study of western newspaper reporting, this volume offers a thorough, yet concise history of the emergence of a New Literary Journalism in the USA and Western Europe at the turn of the 20th century. Highlighting the multiplicity of transatlantic transfers in the field of a specific autoreflexive reporting, it identifies the intersections of sensationalism and authenticity in newspaper making. Based on detailed case studies, Michael Homberg sheds light on the intrinsic logic of media events as well as the personal networks and institutional structures of newsmaking by stressing the working conditions of the reporter’s profession within the arising newspaper industry around 1900. Through an interdisciplinary approach that reconstructs the specific forms, styles and genres of this New Journalism, he reveals the importance of news artefacts for the production of metropolitan identities and representational links of local and global cultures within the early global cities New York, Berlin, Paris and London.

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