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Ralph Kunz

Ralph Kunz

Dr. theol. Ralph Kunz is Professor of Practical Theology in the Theology Faculty of the University of Zürich.

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Rebecca A. Giselbrecht, Ralph Kunz (Ed.)

Sacrality and Materiality

Locating Intersections

1. Edition 2016
199 pages
ISBN 978-3-525-57043-2
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

45,00 €

Christian theology traditionally regards the sacramental as the polar opposite of the profane. The polarity is a memorial of contemporary desacralization, profanization, and sacralization that stands as a portal to the story of modern reality. In our liminal space, we neither de-sacralize our environs nor re-sacralize the world. The lines are blurred and our perception of spirituality is neither immanent nor transcendent.
This conference volume seeks to reply to the questions: Where does the sacred intersect with the material? What happens when they meet?

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his work is an Open Access publication in the sense of the Creative Commons licence
BY-NC-ND International 4.0 (“Attribution - Non-commercial - No changes”) under DOI 10.13109/9783666570438.
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