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Till Magnus Steiner

Salomo als Nachfolger Davids

Die Dynastieverheißung in 2 Sam 7,11b–16 und ihre Rezeption in 1 Kön 1–11

1. Edition 2017
405 pages
ISBN 978-3-8470-0666-4
Bonn University Press at V&R unipress

44,99 €
PDF eBook
Book 55,00 € BUY

The address by God in 2 Sam 7:5b-17 forms a unit from a literary-historical perspective. In it the promise of the dynasty (2 Sam 7:11b-16) is the blueprint of the Solomon narrative in its significance for the Davidic dynasty and in 1 Kings 1-11 can be found a system of cross-references to the dynastic promise (2 Sam 7:11b-16), that develops this promise in a more detailed manner, as well as explains the division of the kingdom in light of the valid promise of the dynasty (2 Sam 7:11b-16).

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