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Karen Pratt

Karen Pratt is Professor emerita of Medieval French Literature at King’s College London, specialising in comparative literature, gender studies, text editing and translating, and Old French epic and romance.
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Matthias Meyer

Matthias Meyer is Professor of Medieval and Early Modern German Literature at the Department of German at the University of Vienna. He has published widely on Arthurian Literature, historical narratology, as a well as on Baroque and modern literature.
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Karen Pratt, Bart Besamusca, Matthias Meyer, Ad Putter (Ed.)

The Dynamics of the Medieval Manuscript

Text Collections from a European Perspective

1. Edition 2017
399 pages
ISBN 978-3-8471-0754-5
V&R unipress

60,00 €

This collection of essays examines the various dynamic processes by which texts are preserved, transmitted, and modified in medieval multi-text codices, focusing on the meanings generated by new contexts and the possible reader experiences provoked by novel configurations and material presentation. Containing essays on text collections from many different European countries and in a wide range of medieval languages, this volume sheds new light on common trends and regional differences in the history of book production and reading practices.

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This work is an open-access-publication for the purpose of Creative Commons license
BY-NC-ND international 4.0 (»Attribution - Noncommercial - NoDerivatives«),
DOI 10.14220/9783737007542. 
Please visit for a copy of this license. 

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