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Hardy F. Schloer

Hardy F. Schloer is an ICT Scientist and an International Business and Government Consultant who is currently based in Germany and Malaysia.

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Mihai I. Spariosu

Dr Maihai I. Spariosu is Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Georgia, Athens.

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Hardy F. Schloer, Mihai I. Spariosu

The Quantum Relations Principle

Managing our Future in the Age of Intelligent Machines

1. Edition 2016
219 pages
ISBN 978-3-8471-0662-3
V&R unipress

45,00 €
PDF eBook 37,99 € BUY

Drawing extensively on the current critical state of affairs at the global level, this book highlights the vital importance of systemic thinking and integrated, transformative knowledge in bringing about a paradigm shift from fragmented, linear ways of thinking to holistic ones, based on the interconnectedness of the web of life. It offers a comprehensive vision and innovative solutions for a sustainable future of our planet, combining traditional wisdom with advanced scientific knowledge and high-end, state-of-the-art information technology. This integration of resources is the premise for the planetary wisdom we so deeply need in order to transform the present global crisis into an opportunity for further human development.

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