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Rüdiger Schnell

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Schnell war von 1988 bis 2008 Ordinarius für Deutsche Philologie an der Universität Basel.

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Rüdiger Schnell

Tod der Liebe durch Erfüllung der Liebe?

Das paradoxe amoureux und die höfische Liebe

1. Edition 2018
163 pages
ISBN 978-3-8470-0832-3
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27,99 €
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Does the love of a man for the previously passionately desired female person end with the sexual union? This question has for decades occupied the research on the medieval minnesong and on courtly love. With and after Leo Spitzer (1944) it was considered agreed that the troubadours renounced the fulfillment of their love so as not to lose their desire perceived as sweet. Thus the love of the troubadours would have been determined by a paradox: to desire the sexual union and to renounce it at the same time. The present study asks the question to what extent this thesis of the paradoxe amoureux may still claim validity considering the (later) insights of the troubadour research about recital, representativeness and performativity. Moreover the imagination of the death of love by fulfillment of love connected with the thesis of the paradoxe amoureux, will be placed in a larger discourse horizon. The middle ages cover a broad range of different views on the possible impacts of a sexual union on a love relationship. At the center of this study is therefore the relation of imputed psychic reality of life, discursive drafts and performative implications.

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