Verena Bartoszek, Verena Datené, Sabine Lösch, Inge Mosebach-Kaufmann, Gregor Nagengast, Christian Schöffel, Barbara Scholz, Wolfram Schröttel


Lehrgang für Latein ab Klasse 5 oder 6

1. Edition 2012
192 pages
ISBN 978-3-525-71065-4
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

VIVA.Lehrgang für Latein ab Klasse 5 oder 6 - Hierarchie Lfd. Nr. 001

20,00 €
Book , Lehrerprüfexemplar

Why is Paulla so afraid at the celebration? Which toga best fits her father? Who gets to play Romulus, who Remus? In the first volume of VIVA, the pupils accompany the Selicii family on their paths through Rome in the year 17 BC.VIVA was conceived for beginning pupils of Latin, and due to its playful and creative methods it is ideal for creating enjoyment and motivation to learn this ancient language - without losing sight of the necessary grammar and vocabulary work that needs to be done. What is so special about VIVA?- It provides 17 short and creative exercises taken directly from Roman life.- It emphasizes building vocabulary.- It treats all important themes from ancient times.- It takes a sure path to creating Latin competence in pupils.

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