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Gunther Wenz

Dr. theol. Gunther Wenz is professor em. for Systematic Theology at the Evangelical-Theological Faculty of Munich University and director of the Institute for Fundamental Theology.

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Author biography

Gunther Wenz

Gunther Wenz
Dr. theol. Gunther Wenz is Professor em. for Systematic Theology at the Evangelical-Theological Faculty of the Munich-University and Director of the Wolfhart-Pannenberg research center Munich, Germany.
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Gunther Wenz, Gunther Wenz


Eschatologische Perspektiven

1. Edition 2015
354 pages
ISBN 978-3-525-56714-2
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Studium Systematische Theologie. - Band 010

55,00 €
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The tenth and final volume of the series „Studium Systematische Theologie” (Studying Systematic Theology) presents historical and systematic information about eschatology. It starts with a critical analysis of approaches that are specific for one denomination or for modernity and subsequently develops a concept of Christian fantasy of faith, which is the hermeneutical key to eschatology. The book covers the topics of the individual’s death and the problem of the immortality of his soul, of the universal resurrection of the dead and the problem of their corporeity, of justice and Last Judgment, and the question of how to think about Heaven and hell and purgatory.
The volume ends with epilegomena about imminent and deferred expectation, and an afterword to the whole series about theological contemporaneity.

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